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Where do guys like being kissed?

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Women who are in love, especially the young and inexperienced folks, continually seek to explore ways to impress their partners romantically.

While hoping to learn about those special spots where guys like to be kissed on is essential, it is also important to understand that men are different and as such, do not appreciate the same treatment. In other words, Laudable lover can not exactly speak for every male.

But, we’re certain that most men would agree with us that being kissed anywhere is just fine. Men are not as complicated as women who require varieties of foreplay to feel sexually excited. Unless he’s that one weird picky guy, other than that being smooched anywhere would make any man feel great.

Different strokes for different men. Some like to be teased and pampered with kisses, while a few others dislike every act of kissing. Weird but true.

In as much as it is important to ascertain whether or not he even likes to be kissed. It is also necessary to be skilled in multi-tasking. While you’re kissing, endeavor to keep your hands busy as you maintain a cheerful demeanor.

Where do guys like being kissed? Different men like to kissed on slightly different parts of their bodies. Here are the various special parts of a man’s body to kiss if you’re looking to pleasure him. Watch out for the fifth, it’s the most erotic of them all.

1. The lips

Always start by kissing him on the lips and then slowly proceed to the rest of his body. A lip kiss is one of the most intimate gestures between two individuals. Yes indeed, sex comes later, but it all begins with a kiss. Nothing can be better than a perfect lip-lock with someone you really like and it is also an important part of romantic relationships

2. The neck

Another region of the body where men like to be kissed is on the neck. Specifically the Adam’s apple, the back of the neck, and at the base of the jugular. The spot on the opposite side is just as sensitive. Some men will get excited if you start kissing their neck, while some would be startled.

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3. The Ears

Kissing, nibbling, licking, and sucking on his lobes do the trick. It would sure tickle him. Take your partner’s earlobe between your lips and start tugging it gently. Check out what happens next. Avoid biting or tugging too hard.

4. The cheek

Everyone likes to kiss chubby cheeks. While some men will think it’s sweet if you kiss them on their cheek, others would think it’s boring. However, don’t stop smooching your partner in absurd spots where he’s not used to being kissed. This would create a memorable experience for both of you.

5. The perineal raphe


There’s a spot just below the scrotum but above a man’s buttocks. It’s not a huge area of skin yet it’s very sensitive. The scientific term for it is the Perineum or Perineal raphe.

The perineal raphe is a visible line that extends from the anus through the perineum. It is found in both males and females. In males, this structure continues through the midline of the scrotum and upwards through the posterior midline aspect of the penis.

The scrotum is a sack of skin divided in two parts by the perineal raphe, which looks like a line down the middle of the scrotum.

So, since the perineal raphe is right in the middle, you wouldn’t be kissing his ass if you are not into ass eating. The perineal raphe is a small area yet, very pleasurable to a man when kissed or licked especially when stimulating the scrotum.

6. The Nipples

If you are still in doubt of “where do guys like being kissed” The nipple is a brilliant suggestion. They are just as stimulatory as that of ladies. But you shouldn’t leave mere kisses on a man’s nipple without going further to lick and suck it… Winks


7. The back

The back is a huge area to exploit. That’s why massages feel so good. Men like when the base of their spine is straddled. Better still let him have a feel of your breasts sliding over his back as you gently kiss him.

However, because of the differences that exist among people, if you love your partner and want to become more intimate with him it’s best if you asked him to point to different places where he would like you to kiss him. It will be a fun game for both of you.

Be imaginative and experiment. Kisses all over these areas will warm up the whole situation before you engage in any sexual activity.  

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