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Runs Girl; 10 Common Signs You Are Dating One

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A runs girl is a female who codedly exchanges her body for material gains. She may or may not have a real job and would usually disguise herself in various forms of relationship statuses.

A runs girl is also regarded as a classified prostitute who may not request for a pay immediately after sex, but sure knows how to bill her customers. She intelligently commercializes the sex she has offered or promised to offer to make profit.

Unfortunately, runs has eaten deep into the lifestyle of the millennials, as lack of content and poor moral values are no longer upheld as it ought to be.

5 Differences between a runs girl vs a prostitute

  1. A runs girl doesn’t stand by the roadside, a prostitute Hawks herself on the roadside.

2. A runs girl places a higher monetary value on her sexual exchange while a prostitute trades cheaply.

3. A runs girl selects her customer, a prostitute is been selected by her customer.

4. A runs girl usually have a job by the side, while a prostitute usually don’t.

5. A runs girl pretends to be a good girl, a prostitute is more shameless.

The similarity between the two is that they both sleep with countless number of men in exchange for gifts and money. Usually as a result of greed, lack of content, upbringing and perhaps others are victims of a poor ailing economy. The 10 common signs that you are dating a runs girl are as follows:

1. Flirts with your rich friends

The fact is, no lady wants a pauper. However, if she’s uncouth and demonstrates a flirteous attitude towards your rich friends, tendencies are that she might just be a runs girl.

2. Uses dating Apps while in a “relationship”

A runs girl is consistently on the lookout for new opportunities, if she has dating Apps on her phone chances are that she hasn’t settled in with you and might be a runs girl trying to hookup with the next available man.

3. Keeps phone too private

One thing most runs girls lack is transparency. They’re never careless with their mobile phones because they are hiding something. If her phone is locked including apps like WhatsApp, believe it something might be wrong.

4. Her friends are runs girls

Runs girls like to mingle with fellow runs girls, nobody likes to be judged. The same way a thief would always be friends with thieves. If her friends are prostituting and she is telling you about them, there is every possibility that she is also a registered member of the association.

5. Rarely available during the weekend

Generally, weekends are mostly reserved for hookups During this period, most rich men would want to let off steam and are ready to pay for it. So, if the bed of your woman is always empty on weekends, then something is fishy.

6. Always attending uninvited events

This is a dicey one, but it is also a red flag. Although some ladies are genuinely socialites, a runs girl attends all manner of social gatherings just to meet men.

7. Jobless and uses the latest iPhone

Most runs girls love apple products. They easily want to show they are classy. If your girlfriend is jobless or underemployed and her mobile phone is over N500,000 which neither you nor her family member sponsored, that is a red flag.

8. Low income with a fat bank account

Most girls earn small amounts of money as salaries while their bank accounts is so fat. If you are experiencing this, investigate the missing piece. The answer is in that mystery.

9. A runs girl regularly flaunts her body parts

A decent girl is always well-dressed and covered up. But a runs girl would rather flaunt her body parts for interested customers. This is a simple marketing strategy that will enable her target audience reach out to her easily. Whatever she is flaunting is her selling point.

10. Usually found in different cars, hotels & upscale restaurants

If you go on social media today, it is easy to spot the girls that do runs by simply understudying their social media accounts. They are mostly flamboyant in nature, they post pictures of themselves in different cars, hotels and eating expensive meals that they naturally can’t afford.

A combination of these 10 signs never fail, trust the signs. If you’re unsure, have a conversation with her, ask questions who knows you might be wrong too.

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