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James Okonkwo shares his toxic relationship story of 4months

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The 16-year-old teenage lover-boy James Okonkwo, Aka Yamez has come to the open about his 4-month-old toxic relationship with his girlfriend Chizoba. He told Laudable lover via an online WhatsApp counseling section held today.

James Okonkwo has classified his relationship with his same-aged girlfriend as toxic, feels stuck, and doesn’t know how to get off it. He mentioned that on several occasions, he had tried breaking up with her within the last 4months.

Here’s James’ story;

When we met, I never expected our relationship to turn to what it is today. It was just like a bed of beautiful roses. We were inseparable. We talked often and smiled a lot at each other. In fact, I could have sworn that we were perfectly made for each other.

Her smile was the most attractive thing that caught my heart. We’ve been happy just that she hated seeing other girls around me. Over time it grew to what became unimaginable. It turned into a violent and toxic relationship.

James Okonkwo

Chizoba accuses me of cheating. She says “I am too tall not to cheat”
Last time, she broke my phone because she saw my chat with my classmate where she asked me to pay her a visit.

Such audacity! Poor anger management, that’s toxic. She could as well broken your wind screen if you had a car. Laudable lover cuts in.

James Okonkwo replied with a cat emoji laughter “Yeah na evil spirit, shey her papa get moni”

However, I have tried a lot of times to break up with her but whenever I bring that up, it’s either she starts crying or starts apologizing promising never do such again.

But of course her character has remained the same. I do feel like quitting this relationship but something keeps telling me to stay.

There was a time she was questioning me and i decided not to reply to her. Can you imagine that she broke the plate that she was holding just to get my attention.

Right now am stuck in this toxicity, can’t leave. I need your help.

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  1. I know she loves the guy a lot but she is over doing things, if she grew up with this and feels anytime she cries, everything automatically become fine, she won’t change. She might stupidly hurt you one day if you stay and I’m scared she might hurt herself if you leave. Hiaaa ikegwuru.. I will be back with a better suggestion but for now, let me consult the gods.. Ndewo laudable lover..

  2. Try have some time talk to her then if she keeps on repeating the same mistake then u cut of the relationship for one to have peace of mind because she is not the only problem u have as a man


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