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If you caught your friend’s partner cheating, would you tell?

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If you caught your friend’s partner cheating, what would you do?

A. Tell

B. Not Tell

Ray was out on a Friday night with his guys, grooving and having the time of his life as a single pringle that he is.

He clubbed till about 2am before he and his friends decided to move to another rave; this time a house party that promises free booze, louder music, and more women.

The night looks like it’s about to get lit and unforgettable. And yeah, it turned out to be a night Ray can’t forget in a hurry but, for a different reason entirely.

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That’s because, at the party, he found his homie’s girlfriend, Bella, with another guy and they clearly are not having an innocent chat. Things clearly looked a little deeper and too intimate. 

Now he’s confused on whether he should tell his friend or not.

Some believe that it is better to keep one’s mouth shut and not to be the reason why your friend’s relationship ended.

However, others believe that if you have your friends best interest at heart, then you can’t allow them to continue being with someone who goes around making them look like a fool. Therefore you should tell.

What would you do if you were Ray?

Tell or Not tell?

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